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The Department of Transport in KwaZulu-Natal is currently seeking 19 skilled individuals to fill positions as Road Workers. The annual salary for this role is R 147 036.

ROAD WORKERS, The responsibilities for these positions include various tasks related to road maintenance and construction. These tasks involve the construction of culverts and side drains, maintenance of steel guardrails and gabions, construction of road earth and layers,

cleaning and maintenance of roads and sidewalks, surfacing and patching of potholes, reading fences and laying pipes, placing road markings and studs, installing road signs and distance markers, barricading work areas, crushing road materials, clearing brush, and cutting grass.

For any inquiries, please contact Ms G Hlabisa at 033 3926600. To apply, please submit the Z83 application form and CV to, with the post’s reference number as the subject line of the email. Road workers play a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of our roads.


Their duties involve a wide range of tasks, from repairing potholes and cracks to constructing new roads and bridges. Physical fitness and technical expertise are crucial for success in this demanding profession. One of the primary responsibilities of road workers is to repair and maintain existing roads. The Department of Transport is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of roads,

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including fixing potholes, repairing cracks, and resurfacing worn-out roads. They also ensure the installation and upkeep of road signs, traffic lights, and other safety measures. Additionally, they play a vital role in the construction of new roads and bridges, contributing to the expansion of our transportation infrastructure.

To achieve this, road workers need a comprehensive understanding of engineering principles and the ability to operate large-scale machinery. Currently, the Department of Transport is seeking skilled individuals to fill various positions. These include the Signs Team in Pietermaritzburg, Underberg, and Cedarville, the Mechanical Team in Ixopo, and the Maintenance Team in Impendle.

Previous applicants are encouraged to re-apply if they are still interested. To be considered for these positions, applicants must have a minimum of NQF Level 1 or 2 (ABET level 2 certificate or equivalent). The ideal candidates should have job knowledge, strong communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility, and the ability to work well in a team.

Accuracy, numerical aptitude, computer literacy, and planning and organizing skills are also important. The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport is looking to hire 19 skilled individuals for Road Worker positions. The annual salary for this role amounts to R 147 036. Within the Department of Transport, road workers carry out an essential function in maintaining the safety and effectiveness of roads and highways.

The role of road workers is vital in guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of roads and highways. Their duties encompass a wide range of tasks, from rectifying potholes and fractures to constructing new roads and bridges. Physical fitness and technical expertise are crucial in carrying out this occupation.


The Department of Transport recognizes the importance of road workers in maintaining and constructing roads. In their role, they repair and uphold existing roads by filling in potholes, fixing cracks, and resurfacing worn-out roads. They also install and maintain road signs, traffic lights, and other safety features necessary for safe driving.

Road workers have a variety of responsibilities which involve both maintaining and constructing roads and bridges. This necessitates a solid grasp of engineering principles and the ability to operate heavy machinery. They must also possess the skill to interpret blueprints and follow detailed construction plans. Another crucial aspect of their job is ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

The Department of Transport acknowledges the importance of this responsibility, which includes setting up barricades and warning signs in construction areas, as well as directing traffic and creating a safe work environment for themselves and their colleagues.

ROAD WORKERS, In essence, road workers have a wide range of responsibilities that are complex and intricate. They play a crucial role in the upkeep and building of roads, prioritize safety measures, and consider environmental factors. Their indispensable contribution guarantees the functionality and safety of our roads. APPLY HERE

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