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The municipality is currently seeking individuals to fill the role of General Workers X123. This position, located at Post Level 15, offers a competitive salary of R143,554.14. municipality jobs

MUNICIPALITY JOBS If you are interested in this opportunity, you must have a minimum education level of Grade 10. While having a Grade 12 (Matric) qualification would be beneficial, it is not required. It is also advantageous to have at least 1 year of relevant experience.

The municipality is looking for individuals who are eager to learn and grow within the organization. Prior experience in a similar role is not mandatory, but it could give you an edge. To apply for the general worker position, send your resume and cover letter to the municipality’s human resources department. Be sure to highlight any experience or skills that make you a suitable candidate.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join the municipality jobs as a general worker and embark on a fulfilling career in your local community. You can find the Employment Application Form HR-49 online for download. If you are interested in applying for the position of General Workers X123 at the Municipality, please complete the VDM HR application form found on the official website (


Additionally, include a detailed CV and certified copies of your identification document, driver’s license (if applicable), and qualifications. Please note that applications without these documents will not be taken into consideration.

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municipality jobs It is important to know that the Municipality reserves the right to appoint or not appoint individuals for this position. If you do not receive any communication from the Municipality within 90 days after the closing date, it means that your application was unsuccessful.

Currently, the Municipality is seeking qualified individuals to join their team as General Workers X123. This position, at Post Level 15, offers a competitive salary of R143,554.14. Only successful candidates will be contacted regarding the advertised positions. municipality jobs


Please be aware that suitability checks will be conducted, which will include evaluating qualifications, employment history, credit records, criminal records, and references. Kindly refrain from submitting applications via fax or email, as they will not be accepted. Applications received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

Immediate disqualification will occur if there is a lack of proper qualifications or documentation. It is essential to understand that any covert requests for special treatment will also result in immediate disqualification for the applicant in question. Typically, municipality jobs general workers are assigned diverse tasks and responsibilities across various industries.

Fraudulent qualifications or documents will result in instant disqualification. It should be noted that any efforts to indirectly seek preferential treatment will also lead to immediate disqualification of the applicant. General workers typically have a range of responsibilities and duties across various sectors.

municipality jobs Applicants must be aware that a thorough assessment will be conducted to determine their suitability for the position. This assessment will involve verifying qualifications, employment history, credit, criminal records, and references.

Please avoid submitting applications via fax or email, as they will not be accepted. Any applications received after the specified deadline will not be considered. Any falsified qualifications or documents will result in immediate disqualification.


Any attempts to indirectly request special treatment will result in instant disqualification of the applicant. (5) Successful candidates will need to enter into a yearly performance agreement/contract with the local government for each fiscal year of their employment. municipality jobs

General workers have a range of tasks and responsibilities in different industries, including cleaning, maintenance, and operating machinery. General workers are responsible for a variety of tasks within the workplace. One of their main responsibilities is to maintain cleanliness by cleaning and restocking supplies such as towels and soap.

They also handle waste disposal according to company policies. In addition to cleaning, general workers also take care of routine maintenance tasks like replacing light bulbs and fixing minor equipment issues such as leaky faucets. They are also responsible for conducting safety inspections and identifying potential hazards.

municipality jobs In some cases, general workers may need to operate heavy machinery like forklifts and cranes, so they must undergo training and obtain certification to ensure safety compliance. While the specific duties of general workers may differ depending on the industry, their overall role is to create a clean, safe, and functional workplace that allows all employees to work without any obstacles. APPLY HERE

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