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Pick n Pay jobs is currently seeking to fill multiple positions for Floor Salesperson Clothing in various locations across South Africa. As a leading retailer, Pick n Pay is dedicated to providing its customers with an exceptional shopping experience and its employees with an enriching, vibrant work environment.

Pick n Pay jobs The company was founded in 1967 and has since become one of the largest retail chains in South Africa, serving millions of customers across the African continent. The ideal candidate for the Floor Salesperson Clothing position should be customer-oriented, passionate about the retail industry, and eager to learn. You will be joining a dynamic Clothing Crew and should be excited to gain experience in this field.

To be considered for this position, you must have a Matric or relevant tertiary qualification, and at least one year of experience in the Clothing retail industry. Additionally, you should be proficient in English, hardworking, and able to work shopping mall hours. If you are looking to start or advance your career in the retail industry, Pick n Pay is the perfect place for you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work for a company that values its employees and is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Apply now and take the first step towards a rewarding career with Pick n Pay jobs

Pick n Pay is not just any ordinary retail store, but rather an organisation that is dedicated to providing an exceptional shopping experience for its customers and a vibrant work environment for its employees. Established in 1967, Pick n Pay has grown to become one of the largest retail chains in South Africa, serving millions of customers across the African continent.


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The brand has earned a reputation for its unwavering commitment to quality and value, which has helped it to become a household name. At the heart of Pick n Pay’s success is its mission statement, which outlines the company’s values and objectives. The mission statement reads, “We serve with our hearts, we create a great place to be and with our minds, we create an excellent place to shop.” This statement captures the essence of what Pick n Pay jobs stands for and what it aims to achieve.

It is a clear indication that the company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible shopping experience, while also creating a positive work environment for its employees. Pick n Pay’s values are deeply embedded in its culture and guide its actions. The company’s values are based on four core principles: Passion for our Customers, Respect and Care, Personal Growth and Opportunity, and Leadership and Innovation.


These values are not just words on paper, but are reflected in the way that the company operates and the way that its employees interact with one another and with customers. Passion for our Customers is at the heart of everything that Pick n Pay jobs does. The company is passionate about its customers and is committed to fighting for their rights. The customer is always the top priority, and their satisfaction is the key to the company’s success.

Pick n Pay’s employees are trained to provide exceptional customer service, and they go above and beyond to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied with their shopping experience. Respect and Care is another core value that is deeply ingrained in Pick n Pay’s culture. The company believes in treating its employees with kindness and understanding, and values the diversity of its team. Employees are encouraged to respect and care for one another, and this is reflected in the positive work environment that Pick n Pay has created.

Personal Growth and Opportunity is a value that is close to Pick n Pay’s heart. The company believes in empowering its employees and providing them with opportunities for learning and advancement. Employees are encouraged to take on new challenges and to develop their skills and knowledge. Pick n Pay believes that by investing in its employees, Pick n Pay jobs it is investing in the future success of the company. Leadership and Innovation are the final core values that guide Pick n Pay’s actions. The company believes in nurturing leadership and vision, and rewarding innovation


This approach has helped the company to stay ahead of the curve and to remain competitive in a constantly evolving retail landscape. In conclusion, Pick n Pay jobs is more than just a retail store. It is an organisation that is committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience for its customers and a positive work environment for its employees.

The company’s mission Pick n Pay is a company that values its employees and its role in the community. We believe that our success is driven by the people who work for us, and we work hard to create an environment where everyone can thrive Pick n Pay jobs

We encourage our employees to think outside the box and to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. We believe in honesty and integrity in all of our dealings, and we are committed to being transparent and trustworthy in everything we do. One of the things that sets Pick n Pay jobs apart is our commitment to community support. We believe that our success is tied to the success of the communities we serve, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact in those communities.

We encourage our employees to get involved in local initiatives and to give back in meaningful ways. At Pick n Pay, we are all accountable for our actions. We hold ourselves responsible for delivering on our commitments to our customers, our colleagues, and our business. We strive to create a culture of excellence, where everyone is committed to doing their best work and achieving their goals. If you’re looking for a company that values its employees,

its customers, and its community, then Pick n Pay jobs is the place for you. We offer a dynamic work environment where you can grow, learn, and make a meaningful contribution. We believe in recognizing and rewarding individual contributions and celebrating achievements. Join us and be part of shaping the future of retail in Africa. Explore our career opportunities today. APPLY HERE


  1. I’m a hard worker and able to communicate with customers also believe that smiling & loosing up Makes customers feel good

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