Breaking news: Calls are intensifying for authorities to arrest a 40 year-old married pastor

Breaking news: The recent emergence of videos on X, formerly known as Twitter, has sparked outrage and intensified calls for authorities to take action against a 40-year-old married pastor who is allegedly dating a high school learner. The videos show the young woman flaunting her extravagant gifts, including a brand new iPhone 15, while seated in a luxurious SUV.

What is even more concerning is the allegation that the pastor began dating the young woman when she was just 14 years old. This raises serious questions about the pastor’s ethics and the potential for grooming and exploitation of a vulnerable young person.

The public outcry has been swift and vocal, with prominent figures such as BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane calling for the pastor to be arrested. Many are demanding that the authorities take swift and decisive action to protect the young woman and hold the pastor accountable for his alleged actions.


This case highlights the need for greater awareness and education around the issue of grooming and exploitation of young people, particularly in situations where there is a power imbalance or where vulnerability is exploited for personal gain. It is important that we work together as a society to protect our young people and ensure that justice is served in cases like this.

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