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employment and labour cv upload. How to register as a work seeker with the Department of Labour?

Unemployed human beings can register as work-seekers at their nearest labour centre.

This will allow employers to discover them if they are searching for candidates for learnerships.

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  1. Office admin clerk (GRADE 12)
  2. Learnerships and Internships (Grade 9 and higher)
  3. General worker (Grade 10 and higher)
  4. Sassa Updates (Sassa payment dates and more)
  5. CV Upload (Upload cv for upcoming opportunities
  6. Other Jobs (Mixed job category all jobs)

If you are actually looking for a job, send your CV to us labour department (Government).

You can ALSO register your CV by emailing it topes@labour.gov.za or nearest labour office

Email/whatsapp your CV and we will upload it into the national database, whenever there is an available vacancy that matches your CV communication will be sent to you

Registering as a work seeker with the Department of Labour is a simple process that requires you to provide some basic information about yourself. To get started, you will need to create a profile with the Department of Labour.

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You can do this online, or in person at one of the Department of Labour’s offices. Once your profile is created, you will be able to access the job opportunities available through the Department of Labour.

employment and labour cv upload

You will also be able to access helpful resources such as guidance on how to write a resume and tips on how to prepare for interviews. Additionally, you will be able to receive notifications about job openings and other employment-related events. You will also be able to update your profile with any new skills or experience you have acquired.

employment and labour cv upload, Once you have registered as a work seeker with the Department of Labour, you will be able to access their full range of services, including career advice, job search assistance, and training and development opportunities.

It’s important to keep your profile updated and to stay informed about any new job openings that may be available. By registering as a work seeker with the Department of Labour, you can take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to help you find the job you are looking for.

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Are you an man or woman that is searching for a studying or work opportunity?

The Department of Labour has launched a internet site to assist you discover your dream job ! The provider is referred to as Employment Services Of South Africa (ESSA)

ESSA is a carrier of Department of Labour, on hand to all South African citizens.

All you have to do is register as a job seeker on the Public Employment Services (PES) system.

Once you have registered and logged in to ESSA, you will be capable to capture/edit your CV, search their database for possibilities and observe on-line for possibilities at no cost.
Through your registered CV, the Department additionally will assist to healthy you to conceivable employers.

In order for the registration of work seekers to be valid, unemployed residents are required to supply facts on their disability, marital and crook status, fairness group, indication of the work seeker reputation of employment, contact details, bodily and postal address, college qualification and tertiary qualifications and their employment history.

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