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Breaking news: Some KFC employees have been given written warnings for not collecting enough donation R2 Add Hope donations.

donation: At KFC, the person taking your order will usually ask if you’d like to donate R2 towards the ‘Add Hope’ program, which provides meals for hungry children in South Africa. This donation initiative is presented as a voluntary contribution, allowing customers to support a worthy cause while enjoying their KFC meal.

However, a recent incident has brought to light concerning allegations regarding the way this program is being implemented at some KFC locations. In a viral tweet, a KFC employee claimed to have received a written warning for “unacceptable conduct” due to not meeting the store’s “Add Hope” donation target. This suggests that the employee was being pressured to actively solicit donations from customers, rather than presenting it as an optional contribution.


The tweet sparked outrage online, prompting a response from KFC South Africa. They firmly stated that they “oppose the use of the Add Hope programme as a performance measure” for their employees. This indicates that the company’s official policy does not condone the practice of using the donation program as a metric to evaluate employee performance.

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Speaking to the media, a KFC spokesperson acknowledged the veracity of these allegations, but clarified that the incident was isolated to a single store, and not reflective of the company’s overall practices. The company took immediate action to address the situation and rectify the unacceptable behavior.

To prevent such incidents from occurring again, KFC emphasized that they have a whistleblower line in place, which allows employees to report any inappropriate conduct or practices related to the “Add Hope” program or other company policies. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to upholding its values and ensuring a positive experience for both its employees and customers.

The episode has highlighted the importance of maintaining transparency and ethical practices, even in the context of charitable initiatives. KFC’s swift response and commitment to addressing the issue serve as a reminder that companies must be vigilant in ensuring their programs are implemented in alignment with their stated principles and the best interests of all stakeholders involved.

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