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In 2024, the award will begin the third of January;
on this day, t
he primary more established individual award will be conveyed to them,
and from that point forward, the qualified inhabitant will be conceded inability on 4 Jan.


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In the period of Feb, t
he qualified people will accept their Advanced age award on the
second Feb, the handicap award will be given on the fifth of Feb,
and the Kids will accept their Youngsters’ Award on 6 Feb.

In Spring, the fabulous will be followed through on the fifth of a
Blemish on that day, the eligiblity of More established
people will accept their advantages,
On the sixth feb handicap awards will be conveyed and
on the seventh, the kids’ awards.

What is Social Awards?
Social Awards are the South African Government’s strategy
for their inhabitant to give a specific amount of pay,
which can assist them with getting by. Through these awards,
the Public authority assists with working on the way of life
and assists the residents with a more evenhanded society.

How to Apply for Social Awards?
Prior to applying, the individual is expected to be qualified for these advantages
Candidate ought to have South African Citizenship
They are expected to be over the age of 18,
and for youngster benefits, they should be under 18.

for old individual, they are expected to be over the age of 60 years.
The candidate has not gotten a receipt for some other social award
Also, for various awards, the pay rates differ as per the advantages.

Peruse the main gateway of SASSA.
Then, at that point, on the landing page, you will find their advantages program
Select any of the projects for which people are applying for
From that point onward, you are expected to finish up the structure and expect to give a portion of the records to confirmation. SASSA PAYMENTS
Add total this interaction, click on the submit button.

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