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Administration officer – Organization Term: year and a half Payment : N6 Endorsement up to R4 500 every month


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Community : Western Cape Commonplace Office: Caledon Ref No: WCTVET/03 (X1 Post) Hermanus Ref No: WCTVET/04 (X1 Post) Beaufort West Ref No: WCTVET/05 (X1 Post) Lainsburg Ref No: WCTVET/06 (X1 Post) Clanwilliam Ref No: WCTVET/07 (X2 Posts) Van Rhynsdorp Ref No: WCTVET/08 (X1 Post) Malmesbury Ref No: WCTVET/09 (X1 Post) Paarl Ref No: WCTVET/10 (X1 Post)

Stellenbosch Ref No: WCTVET/11 (X1 Post) Prerequisites : N6 in Administration Partner, Public Administration, Policy implementation, Business The board.

Applications: Western Cape Common Office: Address: Commonplace Head: Confidential Sack X 9171, Cape Town, 8000 or hand convey to actual location: No. 8 Riebeeck Road, fifth Floor, Norton Rose House Building, Cape Town, 8000. Enquiries: Ms L Keyster Tel No: ( 021) 462 5471 or Ms R Hendricks Tel No: ( 021) 462 5471

Eastern Cape Commonplace Office: Address: The Commonplace Travel Eastern Cape, Common Office East London,Private Sack X9065, East London, 5200 or hand convey to Actual Location No 3 Phillip Edge Street, Chiselhurst, East London, 5200. Enquiries: Dr M Feni Tel No: ( 043) 702 7029 Ms. N Dyani Tel No: ( 043) 702 7009 Mr L Qayi Tel No: ( 043) 702 7003 or Mr P Hattingh Tel No: ( 043) 702 7000 Administration officer

11 December 2023 The Branch of Equity and Sacred Turn of events (DOJ&CD) welcomes every one of the jobless alumni to acquire work environment experience in the separate field of study. Intrigued candidates should present their applications for temporary job to the location determined in each post. The application should incorporate just finished and marked new Structure Z83, realistic from any Open Help Office or on the web at,

and an itemized Educational program Vitae. Confirmed duplicates of Character Record, Senior Endorsement and the most noteworthy required capability as well as a driver’s permit where fundamental Administration officer

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