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Porter job is available

Porter (X2 POSTS). SALARY FOR Metro Health Services: R125,373 annually CENTER: Western Cape Restoration Center
Necessities : Minimum prerequisite: Essential proficiency and numeracy abilities. Experience: Doorman’s
experience in the general wellbeing office.


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requisite of the position: Actually
ready to perform undertakings, for example, lifting patients from/onto beds, streetcars and
wheelchairs and in/out of vehicles. willingness to rotate and, if necessary, assist in other areas. Great relational/relational abilities (read and write) in any event
two of the three authority dialects of the Western Cape.

Abilities (information/abilities): Capacity to work under tension and to comply with time constraints. Capacity to
do critical thinking and successful answering to the boss.

DUTIES : to tailor Porter’s services to the requirements of the institution. Offer assistance to the multidisciplinary team. Provide efficient positioning and escorting support services. Successful use and upkeep of gear.Porter
ENQUIRIES : Telephone number: 021) 370-2423

APPLICATIONS : Online applications are accepted: position (click “on the web
NOTE : On application, applicants are required to submit the Z83 and a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae, but they are not required to submit copies of their qualifications or any other relevant documents.

The department will only ask the shortlisted candidates to send certified copies of their qualifications and any other relevant documents to HR before the interview. It is the candidate’s liability to have unfamiliar
capabilities assessed by the South African Capability Authority (SAQA).
Only candidates who have been shortlisted will be allowed to write. In the event that you have not been
reached in the span of 90 days after the end date of this notice, please
acknowledge that your application was fruitless.

Shortlisted competitors will be exposed to screening and security reviewing to decide the reasonableness of an individual Department
for work. The division saves the right not to fill these positions. Your application will not be considered if you do not submit the required documents. These Porter positions may not be filled by the department at any time. Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply, with the EE Target receiving preference.
expiration date: September 27, 2023

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