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Brenda Fassie son is facing financial difficulties

I like the reality that his female friend has constantly been there when he used to be making a lot of money, now that he has nothing, she is nonetheless there with him. Bongani and Buhle have been courting for a lengthy time, Bongani Fassie is really protected with her due to the fact she recognize him and is aware of his story.


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His lady friend published final night time that she now handles all the cash that Bongani Fassie has due to the fact he can’t do it himself. She says Bongani wasted a lot of cash and now he doesn’t comprehend how to use it wisely.His female friend additionally exhibits that when Bongani had all the millions, he used to purchase her steeply-priced footwear really worth R48 zero This female knew that he had a lot of cash and that is why she determined to continue to be with him.

Hopefully Bongani will study and get lower back to the track industry.Bongani Fassie (born August 26, 1985) is a South African musician. He is a member of the musical crew Jozi. He is outstanding for being the solely son of the late South African singer, songwriter, and dancer Brenda Fassie.Fassie is making headlines these days for being in a prolonged courtroom war with his mother’s producer. His mom stimulated him a lot. Today, he accompanied in her musical steps.Brenda desired her son to be a legal professional so he would shield all she accomplished.

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