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Breaking news: Police abused their power for personal issues

Two policemen from limpopo louis trichardt beat-up a 36 years old man from nearest village


Lufuno Bell also known as FUSCO BELL was beaten-up after police called him to the station to pay for a his car ticket

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He said “i went to police station to pay for a ticked for my vehicle, my little sister was driving the car so they called me in…

when i get there i asked ‘what is going on’? they said i have to pay R1500 or they pound my car.. i said i do not have hard cash right now, when i went outside they follow me asked me to give them at least R800 so i can go with my car they said they know i have money…i said but inside you said you needed 1500 why now R800?

i said lets do this right let me pay for my ticket i can not give you money, then thats where war started they hand cuff me they say i disrespect and i am interfering with police, i said interfering how because you asked my sis to to call the owner of the car to take responsibility?

that’s where they start betting me and charge me with police assault and interfering,, i do not know why those charges because i was hand cuff, then i got arrested, sleep in a cell, later he came to cell and take me pictures and he promised cigarette to my cell mates if they beat me up, now out with bail

The policeman who was opening docket said ‘I will make sure what I’m writing here is stronger to punish you’ i was shocked i didn’t know what was going on


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